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We H.E.A.R. You

Bringing Homeowners, Contractors, and Insurance Carriers together during an emergency is not always the easiest process, but it IS possible, and it's absolutely necessary. While providing services for all three parties (Homeowners, Contractors, and Insurance Carriers) separately, we apply the same guiding principles for each individually; Honesty, Efficiency, Accuracy, and Responsiveness.


Making sure that every cost is accounted for and documents are submitted in a timely and professional manner means that Insurance Carriers can provide claim services to their insured quickly, Contractors can be paid fairly, and Homeowners can get back to normal faster. 


Our years of field experience in the restoration industry and thorough background in the insurance claim process allows ALPHA ESTIMATORS to be your boots on the ground and give you peace of mind that your emergency will be handled professionally.

What services do ALPHA ESTIMATORS provide? 

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What our customers are saying

Brian is a kind soul who will go to great lengths to make sure the job is done correctly. He made the entire process go smoothly and stress free!

Erin - Jacksonville, FL


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